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Abd Manaf, Ali (2011) Apoptosis induction and cytolytic effects of Newcastle Disease Virus strain Af224O on DBTRG.O5 mg brain tumor cell line. International journal of cancer research. pp. 25-35. ISSN 18119727

Abd Manaf, Ali (2011) Immunomodulatory effect of Rhaphidophora korthalsii on mice splenocyte, thymocyte and bone marrow cell proliferation and cytokine expression. African journal of biotechnology. pp. 10744-10751. ISSN 16845315

Abd Manaf, Ali and Aied, M. Alabsi and Rola, Ali and Abdul Rahman, Omar (2011) Effects of newcastle disease virus strains AF2240 and V4-UPM on cytolysis and apoptosis of leukemia cell lines. International journal of molecular sciences. pp. 8645-8600. ISSN 14220067

Abd Manaf, Ali and Raus, R.A and Siang, T.W and Yusoff, K. (2011) An intermediate region in C-terminal of phosphoprotein is required for binding to nucleocapsid of Newcastle disease virus. African Journal of Biotechnology. pp. 18882-18891. ISSN 16845315

Abd Manaf, Ali and Riyanto, S. and Md., Sukari and Mohd., Aspollah (2011) Phytochemical and bioactivity studies of zingiber amaricans blume. Research Journal of chemistry and environment. pp. 41-44. ISSN 9720626

Abd Manaf, Ali and Rola, Ali and Aied M., Alabsi and Aini, Ideris (2011) Cytolytic effects and apoptosis induction of newcastle disease virus strain AF2240 on anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor cell line. Neurochemical research. pp. 2051-2062. ISSN 3643190

Abd Manaf, Ali and Sook, Wah Tang and Mohd Aspollah, Sukari and Mawardi, Rahmani (2011) A new abietene diterpene and other constituents from Kaempferia angustifolia Rosc. Molecules. pp. 3018-3028. ISSN 14203049

Abd Manaf, Ali and Swee, Keong Yeap and Abdul Rahman, Omar and Wan Yong, Ho (2011) Immunomodulatory role of rhaphidophora korthalsii methanol extract on human peripheral blood mononuclear cell proliferation, cytokine secretion and cytolytic activity. Journal of medicinal plants research. pp. 958-965. ISSN 19960875

Alias, Nadiawati and Mahadi, Nor Muhammad and Abdul Murad, Abdul Munir and Abu Bakar, Farah Diba (2011) Three Dimensional Structure Prediction of Recombinant Endochitinase from Trichoderma virens UKM-1. Three Dimensional Structure Prediction of Recombinant Endochitinase from Trichoderma virens UKM-1, 2. pp. 83-92. ISSN 1985 5133


John, Tang Yew Huat (2011) Biosafety assessment of Listeria monocytogenes in vegetarian burger patties in Malaysia. Title international food research journal.

John, Tang Yew Huat (2011) Multiplex PCR for the concurrent detection and differentiation of salmonella spp., Salmonella Typhi and salmonella Typhimurium. Tropical medicine and health. pp. 9-15. ISSN 13488945

John Tang, Yew Huat (2011) Transfer of campylobacter jejuni from raw to cooked chicken via wood and plastic cutting boards. Letters in applied microbiology. pp. 581-588. ISSN 02668254


Khairil, Mahmud and Wan, Juliana (2011) Community structure and biomass of tree species at Chini watershed forest, Pekan, Pahang. Sains Malaysiana. pp. 1209-1221. ISSN 1266039


Md Yusof, Nur Athiqah and Ngah, Norhayati and Hashim, Syahril Amin and Mat, Nashriyah (2011) Ethnobotany and Distribution of Wild Edible Tubers in Pulau Redang and Nearby Islands of Terengganu, Malaysia. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Biological, Biomolecular, Agricultural, Food and Biotechnological Engineering, 5 (12). pp. 911-914.

Md. Sarwar, Jahan (2011) Allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) induces stomatal closure in Arabidopsis. Plant, cell and environment. pp. 1900-1906. ISSN 1407791

Md. Sarwar, Jahan and Yoshimasa, Nakamuraa and Yoshiyuki, Murata (2011) Histochemical quantification of glutathione contents in guard cells of Arabidopsis thaliana. ScienceAsia. pp. 281-284. ISSN 15131874

Mohammad Hailmi, Sajili (2011) Potential of exserohilum monoceras as a bioherbicide for controlling echinochloa crus-galli (rumput sambau). Journal of agrobiotechnology, 2 (201). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1985-5133

Mohammad Hailmi, Sajili and Norhayati, Mohd Zakaria (2011) Plant-pathogen interaction between exserohilum monoceras with oryza sativa and echinochloa crus-galli. Journal of agrobiotechnology, 2 (1). pp. 73-83. ISSN 1985-5133

Mohd Hudzari, Razali and Wan Ishak, Wan Ismail and Abdul Rahman, Ramli and Md. Nasir, Sulaiman (2011) Prediction model for estimating optimum harvesting time of oil palm fresh fruit bunches. Journal of food, agriculture and environment. pp. 570-575. ISSN 14590255

Mohd. Hudzari, Razali and Wan Ishak, Wan Ismail and Lam, Wai Yip (2011) Determination of the optimum frequency for Elaeis guineensis Jacq. detachment. African journal of agricultural research. pp. 5656-5663. ISSN 1991637X


Nadiawati, Alias and Nor Muhammad, Mahadi and Abdul Munir, Abdul Murad and Farah Diba, Abu Bakar (2011) Three dimensional structure prediction of recombinant endochitinase from trichoderma virens UKM-1. Title Journal of agrobiotechnology. pp. 83-93. ISSN 1985 5133

Ngah, Norhayati and Sajili, Mohammad Hailmi and Omar, Dzolkhifli and Juraimi, Abdul Shukor (2011) Leaf surface characteristics of selected Malaysian weed species of oil palm. Journal of Agrobiotechnology, 2 (1). pp. 53-65. ISSN 1985-5133

NorAzlina, Abdul Aziz (2011) Management practices affecting helminthiasis in goats. Pertanika journal of tropical agricultural science. pp. 295-301. ISSN 15113701

Norhayati, Ngah and Dzolkhifli, Omar and Abdul Shukor, Juraimi and Hailmi, M. S (2011) Leaf surface characteristics of selected Malaysian weed species of oil palm. Journal of agrobiotechnology, 2 (1). pp. 53-65. ISSN 1985-5133

Nurul Asma Hasliza, Zulkifly (2011) Purification and properties of a new dehalogenase enzyme from Pseudomonas sp. B6P grow in 3-chloropropionate (3CP). African journal of biotechnology. ISSN 16845315

Nurul Asma Hasliza, Zulkifly and S., amini and won, wen-yong and f., huyop (2011) Molecular identification and characterization of a bacterium that has potential to degrade low concentration of haloalkanoic acid. Research Journal of Microbiology. pp. 552-559. ISSN 18164935


Sajili, Mohammad Hailmi (2011) Penyakit Tanaman Buah-buahan. Penerbit UniSZA. ISBN 978-983-9842-40-1

Sajili, Mohammad Hailmi and Mohd Zakaria, Norhayati and J., Kadir and A. S., Juraimi (2011) Plant-pathogen interaction between exserohilum monoceras with oryza sativa and echinochloa crus-galli. Journal of Agrobiotechnology, 2 (1). pp. 73-83. ISSN 1985-5133

Sajili, Mohammad Hailmi and Suhaili, Zarizal and Mohamed, Salmah and Abdullah, Tajul Afif (2011) Potential of Exserohilum monoceras as a Bioherbicide for Controlling Echinochloa crus-galli (Rumput Sambau). Journal of Agrobiotechnology, 2 (201). pp. 1-15. ISSN 1985-5133

Sarwar, Jahan and Mohd Khairi, Che Laha and Musliania, Md Isaa (2011) Composting increases BRIS soil health and sustains rice production. ScienceAsia. pp. 291-295. ISSN 15131874


Yeo, Chew Chieng (2011) Cancer chemopreventive activity of maslinic acid: Suppression of COX-2 expression and inhibition of NF-KB and AP-1 activation in raji cells. Planta Medica. pp. 152-157. ISSN 320943

Yeo, Chew Chieng and Wai, Ting Chan and Concha, Nieto and Jennifer, Ann Harikrishna (2011) Genetic regulation of the yefM-yoeB toxin-antitoxin locus of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Journal of bacteriology. pp. 4612-4625. ISSN 219193


Zarizal, Suhaili and Yeo, Chew Chieng and Hasrif Nurhana, Yasin and Noor Afiza, Badaluddin (2011) Antibacterial profile of jatropha curcas latex extracts against selected human pathogenic bacteria. African journal of microbiology research. pp. 5147-5154. ISSN 19960808

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