Effect of culture media on expansion properties of human umbilical cord matrix-derived mesenchymal cells

Manaf, Ali Effect of culture media on expansion properties of human umbilical cord matrix-derived mesenchymal cells. Cytotherapy. pp. 948-953. ISSN 14653249

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Background aims liesenchyrnal simmal cells (MSC) have been isolated from a number of different tissues including umbilical cord Because of the lack of a uniform approach to human umbilical cord matrix-derived mesenchymal (hUCM) cell expansion we attempted to identify the optimum conditions for the production of a 'ugh quantity of hUCM cells by comparing two media Methods We compared the ability of Dulbeccos Modified Eagle's Medium/F12 iDMEIWF12) and Alpha Minimum Essential Medium (a-MEM) with Glutamax (GL) (a-MEINGLI to expand hUCM cells For this purpose hUCM cells were cultured in plates containing different culture media supplemented with 10% fetal bcmne serum (FBS) Culture dishes were left undisturbed for 1014 days to allow propagation of the newly formed hUCM cells The expansion properties. CD marker expression differentiation potential. population doubling time (PDT) and cell activity were compared between the two groups Results. The hUCM cells harvested from each group were positive for MSC markers including C044 CD90 and CD105 while they were negative for the hematopoietic cell surface marker CD34 Differentiation into adipogenic and osteogenic lineages was confirmed for both treatments. Cell activity was higher in the aalEM/GL group than the DMEM/F12 group POT was calculated to be 60 h for the DMEM/F12 group while for the a-MEMiGL group n was 47 h Conclusions Our data reveal that a-MEM/Gt. with 10% FBS supports hUCM cell growth more strongly than DMEM/F12 vath 10% FBS *2012 Informs Healthcare

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